Become a Freeway Spotter

Got a friend looking at Buying a New Toyota, Kia or any of our pre owned cars ?
Maybe someone selling their vehicle or trading it elsewhere ?

Talk to us and you can earn anything from R500 to R5000 per car
Start earning and making lots of Money for Mahala
Sell 10 cars, bakkies, taxis etc per month and earn anything from R5000 to R50 000
Thats alot of money for Mahala !

We offer an awesome Spotter’s fee commission for any referral leading to
a successful sale! Earn R500 or more per deal

All you have to do, is refer someone in our direction, and if the sale goes through, then congratulations, you’ve made yourself a spot of cash ! Easy Peasy !

* For it to be valid the referral MUST be disclosed and recorded prior to commencement of the sale process *

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Terms & Conditions
All spotter amounts need to be agreed with before actual sale
Agreement should be in writing or by email from our email


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